Our business protection audit is easy and effective. By answering a few initial questions about your business, we can help you understand the kinds of protection available, and what you will need to continue to run smoothly.

What is a business protection audit?

Working together, we’ll identify your business risks and protection shortfalls, then establish a plan to help safeguard you from the unexpected.

What do we ask and what are the benefits?

To help us tailor the best solution for you, we need to understand your business and assess the potential threats.

Together, we will look at points like:

  • Who are the key people driving profits and growth?
  • How would you cope if the key people were unable to work?
  • What plans are in place in the event of death of one of the shareholders and how will you maintain control?
  • What controls would the bank have over your cashflow and credit terms?
  • If something happens to the business owner, are their plans in place to help their surviving family financially?

With over ½ of SMEs* not adequately protecting their key people and over ½ of SME owners having no instructions or special arrangements in place if they pass away; it’s critical that businesses gain a 360° perspective of their companies and create a risk mitigation action plan.

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