elev8 for recruiters is a bespoke cloud portal that helps you with candidate payroll, finance reporting and everything in between. Our solution has been specifically created to make your management processes as straightforward as possible, helping you drive your business forward.

What is it?

It’s a simple process. You submit your candidate information into our cloud portal and we take it from there. From cross referencing timesheets and invoices to generating gross margin reports, we create streamlined candidate management solutions.

What does it do?

Our client portal collates all your candidate and sales information, creating easily digestible reports and allowing you to see where you’re making money. The system means that all invoices are uploaded quickly and accurately to your finance provider; reducing the number of queries, assisting faster customer payments and resulting in fewer cashflow problems.

Our solution has many different features including:

  • Cross referencing timesheets
  • Issuing sales invoices
  • Paying candidates, HMRC and Pensions
  • Gross margin weekly analysis and reporting
  • Allocation of customer receipts
  • Chasing debts and managing cash flow
  • Cloud based ledger management
  • Liaison with funders
  • High quality reporting

Why elev8 for recruiters?

We will work with you to create the seamless solution that suits your business, ensuring we integrate as far as possible with your current systems and procedures. We provide a high quality service, whilst keeping you informed and in control of your company.

What to do next?

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