elev8 people is our cloud based solution, designed to help our payroll clients simplify their people management processes.

What is it?

Our solution streamlines the payroll process by offering real time adjustments, and assisting with HR data and document storage. We also offer employee self-service functionality and an e-payslip portal, helping you and your employees keep on top of necessary admin from anywhere at any time.

How does it work? 

elev8 people covers various aspects of your HR and payroll requirements keeping you HMRC compliant. From inputting and processing secure data, to outputs and reporting; our experts will create a bespoke payroll system to house all your employee data needs.

From there, your payroll administrator will arrange a monthly update, accessing the system and transferring over all your latest payroll changes, saving you time and energy creating spreadsheets or sending update emails.

The benefits to you of using elev8 people include:

  • Access to company demographic data and trends
  • Document storage, such as contracts and right to work checks
  • Permissions levels, to keep your data secure
  • Easy to use portals, making it easy and streamlined to submit your payroll information
  • Creation of several, predesigned, reports using the information you house in the system

Why elev8 people?

Working with our team, you can determine the best services for you. From housing the data to full reporting, we can help you not only save time and money, but ensure you’re getting the experience and guidance that you need.


What to do next?

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