The entrepreneurial business environment is always changing. Facing challenges from disruptive competition, to technology and regulatory changes can mean that it is hard to stay in control, and drive your business forward.

What challenges?

The demands of running a successful business are all-consuming. From day-to-day management to customer satisfaction, different areas of the business can occupy your time and energy meaning that the focus on potential strategic planning for growth can sometimes be pushed aside.

Regardless of whether your business is excelling, succeeding, surviving or struggling; we can provide support and advise on how to embrace and exploit change to help improve your business.

What is Optimize?

Optimize provides you with the bigger picture. We work with you to understand your business and help you to look to the future, so that you can understand what key areas you need to focus on to drive success and enhance your value. We’ll concentrate on the areas of the business you want to progress and ensure your business is better positioned to deal with changing circumstances, new opportunities, and important milestones.

What does it do?

Optimize is made up of three areas:

  • The Optimize Approach
  • The Optimize Hub
  • Your Optimize Partner

The Optimize Approach

Firstly, we’ll will work with you to understand your long-term goals, analysing the current make-up of your business and it’s positioning within the market.

We’ll discuss:

  • Your market, products and customers
  • Your market positioning and sales channel management
  • The effectiveness of your people and communications
  • The quality and efficiency of your business operations

From our findings, we will help you to identify the gaps between your business’ current position and its desired future. At the end of the meeting you will receive a fully customised assessment report which will identify the key actions required to close the gaps.

The Optimize Hub

A key component of the Optimize program is our technology platform called ‘The Optimize Hub’. The Hub is designed to do two key things:

  • bring transparency to the whole process, and
  • facilitate clear decision making

Your Optimize Partner

Simply put, they’re your business’ new confidant.  Your Partner will help you with your issues and will work to identify your opportunities for growth, sustainability and profitability.

How can Optimize benefit you and your business?

At Mazars, we understand that each business is different and that’s why, as part of the Optimize program, we provide you with a bespoke business assessment; action plan; and Partner relationship.

Optimize is a great way to get an expert’s view on how you can re-focus your business and plan to create positive changes with a long-term impact.

Your next steps

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you and your business, please contact us below.

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